Athletics play an important role for many students at Gettys Middle School. Participation on an athletic team is a privilege and we encourage students that are interested in a sport we offer to try out for their sport of interest. Our goals for athletics at Gettys Middle are to help athletes realize the value of participation, commitment to a team, develop teamwork, good sportsmanship, and to learn a good foundation of the sport. Parents need to support their athlete, the team and the coach, regardless of the outcome of an event. 

Seventh and eighth grade students may participate in interscholastic athletics at the middle or high school level. All students must have a current physical, a signed concussion awareness form, and a signed Covid Informed Consent Form signed on file before trying out for or participating on any team any team. Both forms are available at Gettys Middle or you may print them from the Athletic section of our web page. We will need a copy of a birth certificate for every athlete before they can become eligible for participation. Students must maintain passing grades to be eligible for participation on athletic teams at Gettys Middle.

 Middle school athletics requires a commitment on the part of the student and his/her parents. Athletes are expected to attend all practices and games. If a student must miss practice for a valid reason (sickness, death in the family, etc.) then the coach must be notified prior to the scheduled practice/game by personal contact, phone call, e-mail, or written statement by a parent. There are consequences for missing practices/games.

 Athletes need to keep in mind that they are representing Gettys Middle School at all times both at school and at athletic events. Our athletes are expected to display good sportsmanship and behavior at all athletic events. Athletes are expected to be positive role models for other students in school.

Each coach will have their own policies, procedures and requirements for the team they coach. Coaches will hold a meeting with parents and athletes at the beginning of the season. The coach will go over their policies, procedures and requirements at this meeting. All team members are expected to follow the team expectations.

Athletic teams available at Gettys Middle School are basketball, cheerleading, football and volleyball. Our students are also allowed to participate on the following athletic teams at Easley High School: Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Track and Field, and Wrestling. A shuttle bus is available after school to take students from Gettys Middle School to Easley High School. Parents must pick their athlete up at Gettys Middle School or Easley High after practice or games.

Parents play a vital role in the development of student athletes and the success of the Gettys Middle School sports program. Therefore, we expect parents to support the team and coaches regardless of the outcome of the game, to be polite and respectful to visiting teams and families and the referees.