Mindy Dill

Mrs. Mindy Dill is our new Teacher of the Year! She is a leader in the classroom, in her department and with her colleagues, a model of consistency and professionalism. One of her colleagues said, “ [she] exemplifies a true and caring nature. She is the kind of teacher who proves that great teachers teach with the heart. She loves her students and fellow teachers which is proven by the way she serves. For example, she has led her 6th grade ELA department this year by providing lesson plan templates, keeping a focus on their scope and sequence, and sharing activities that engage our students. Furthermore, she embraces technology in her lessons while keeping her love of English in the foreground. Overall, she is a positive teacher leader and is so deserving of this honor.”

Another colleague said, “She is a person that I can always count on when something needs to be done. She is always kind, considerate, and fair. She is wonderful at using technology in her classroom and is never too busy to share what she knows with her colleagues. She always tries to be positive, happy, and encouraging to her friends and colleagues.” Another teacher stated, “She is the perfect example of a servant leader. She is intelligent, organized, and always willing to help a colleague in need. This teacher always goes well beyond her responsibilities with a smile on her face. She never complains about anything—in fact, she is likely the most tired of any of us with three daughters and a husband away at times for the National Guard serving our country! She is a loving, knowledgeable teacher who makes everyone around her better for knowing her.” Congratulations to Mindy Dill, the 2022-23 GMS Teacher of the Year!