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Key dates:

  • Aug. 9th-September 8th 
    • Back to School Special! 4 Free Icons with purchase of personalization.
  • September 9th-January 8th
    • Plain Yearbooks are $50.
    • Personalization is available.
    • Icons are now $3 each.
  • January 9th to May 1st 
    • Plain Yearbooks are $55

Grade Level Distribution Days: $60 CASH only!! NO CHECKS accepted. 
  • No yearbooks will be sold online after May 1st to allow for sorting and preparation for distribution. Yearbooks will only be available for purchase for cash at the school during grade level yearbook distribution. 
  • No yearbooks are delivered to students before the grade level distribution day. If a child is absent on distribution day their yearbook will be available in the main office to pick up the following day. 
  • Please note that due to increasing costs in production, taxes, shipping, etc. the cost of a plain yearbook has changed this year. 
The prices for the 8th grade dedication ads are as follows: 
  • 1/2 page - $100
  • 1/4 page - $75
  • 1/8 page - $50
The deadline is February 9th for an 8th grade dedication ad. 

If you have any questions,  please email Mrs. Ackerman at

From Prior School Year:

YEARBOOK FAQ as of May 11, 2018:


Yearbooks are no longer available for pre-purchase. The final day to pre-purchase a yearbook was May 1st. This allows for the proper sorting of yearbooks before grade level days and minimal distractions during testing. 


Yearbooks can only be purchased on grade level distribution days for the grade level the student is currently in. The cost of the yearbook is $60 CASH only on these days. Checks and cards will NOT be accepted.


The procedure for that day is to hand out all pre-purchased orders and ensure they are correct and THEN students will be called down to purchase a yearbook.


Yearbooks will be on a first come, first serve basis, but a certain amount is held back in reserve, to ensure that each grade level has an opportunity to purchase. 


No money will be taken prior to this time for any reason to ensure that each student gets what they have purchased and proper receipting. 


If your student is absent on grade level distribution day, you can pick up their yearbook in the main office on the next school day. You will need to know your student's 1st period teacher. No yearbooks will be handed out to a student before their grade level distribution day. 


Distribution Days:


8th Grade - May 25th 

7th Grade - May 31st (will be first that morning)

6th Grade - May 31st (will happen after 7th grade is finished) This date was changed from the original date posted to give students more time to have other students to sign their yearbooks. 6th grade will still have their grade level celebration on June 1st.


Please feel free to contact Mrs. Ackerman at if you have any further questions. Due to testing, sorting of yearbooks and other end of the year responsibilities please allow 48 hours for a return phone call if you leave a message. Emails usually receive a quicker response.