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Car Riders

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Car-Rider Procedures Letter

Traffic Loop Procedures


Students should not be on school property prior to the established time for adult supervision to begin in the morning (7:30 a.m.) or after the time for adult supervision to end in the afternoon (4:00 p.m.). The SDPC assumes no responsibility for the supervision of or protection for students who either arrive at school prior to the time when adult supervision is provided in the morning or who remain on campus in the afternoon after the time when the adult supervision ends. Tardy sign-in after 8:05 a.m. must be done by a parent or guardian.

We encourage families to schedule around the school hours of 8:05-3:15 and not remove their children from class prior to 3:15. However, for early dismissals a student must bring a note from a parent or guardian and show it to the teacher of the class from which they are being dismissed. The family member will be required to come into the main office to show a photo ID and sign the early dismissal sign-out sheet. No early dismissals are allowed after 2:30 p.m.

Students must clear the building by 3:35. Car riders will wait on assigned benches in front of the school at dismissal. Students may not leave campus without a ride unless they have administrator approval. Due to security and safety concerns, once a students leaves school property they may not return to school property without a parent or guardian.