Policies & Procedures

Library Policies and Services



Students may borrow two books with a circulation period of 2 weeks. Magazines and materials in the Graphic Collection circulate for 7 days. Books should be returned to the circulation desk or the book drop in the Cafe lobby.

Fines are 5 cents per day per book or magazine. Students are responsible for payment for lost or damaged materials. All materials must be returned or paid for by the end of the school year. Students may not check out more materials while they have unpaid fines or lost/overdue items. Unpaid fines and lost items carry over to the following school year and even to other schools in the district. Once an account is cleared, the student may check items out as usual.


Teachers are not charged fines and may check out books (including reference and classroom sets) and magazines for as long as needed. There is no limit on the number of books a teacher may have. Audiovisual materials and equipment should be returned in a timely fashion as a courtesy to other teachers. All items--books, professional materials, videos, audiobooks, and equipment--must be returned by the end of the year before teacher checkout for summer vacation.