Health Room

Health Room Information

Leslie Butts, RN
864-397-3900 ext. 4007

Lesley Ellison, RN
864-397-3900 ext. 3907

Medications for school....If your student has medications that are needed during the school day, please call or come by the HEALTH ROOM to pick up proper paperwork that is required by the District to keep medications at school. NO STUDENT CAN CARRY MEDICATIONS without proper paperwork on file.

Call or come by the health room and let us know if there is a situation (illness, chronic condition, etc.) that we need to be aware (for your student). This may be very important in the case of an emergency where that information may determine how your student is treated.

Health Room Rules

  • Health room hours are 8:00 a.m.--2:30 p.m.
  • No student is to visit the health room between classes unless it is an emergency. Students should see a teacher and be sent, with a signed pass or agenda, to the health room.
  • Students will not be seen in the health room after 2:30 unless it is an emergency so that the nurse may complete her daily paperwork.
  • No student is to be in the health room without the nurse or another faculty member present. Policies are very strict regarding cleanliness, confidentiality, and medications being stored properly and accounted for.
  • All medication should be left at the health room first thing in the morning, not mid-day or when medicine is due. Medications brought from home MUST have a signed permission form, from the parent, guardian, or the physician, and MUST be in the original container.
  • No stock medications such as cough drops, Tylenol, or Advil are kept in the health room.
  • Each student should have a properly completed HEALTH HISTORY FORM on file in the health room. These forms are available from the nurse or in your Back-to-School Handbook

No Health Insurance for your student and over the income for Medicaid?
Check into the Palmetto Children's Health Initiative:
Call toll free # 888-998-4646 or pick up information in the Health Room

Changes in your student's health status?

Give us a call and let us know.
Please don't ever hesitate to call the Health Room with any questions or concerns you may have.

General Information


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