The goal of the SDPC Guidance Program is to assist students to succeed educationally and transition from one educational level to the next, to develop appropriate social and emotional skills, and to ultimately achieve their career goal and become a productive citizen within society.

The GMS Guidance Program provides developmental opportunities and experiences as it addresses the student development areas: learning to live, learning to learn, and learning to work.


6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
Ms. Holly Harden Mr. Andrew Nichols Mrs. Kayla Arciniegas
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Phone: 864-397-3900 Phone: 864-397-3900 Phone: 864-397-3900

Guidance Clerk - Jennifer Ohlrogge - 864-397-3900 ext. 3917 Email
Guidance FAX:  864-855-1141


  • Character Education
  • Career Development
  • Bully Prevention
  • Dealing with Anger
  • Coping with Anxiety
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Class and Schedule Issues
  • Attendance Intervention
  • Organization and Study Skills
  • Social Skills and Friendships
  • Crisis Counseling and Referrals


  • Student Counseling Program (SCP): This program is helpful for students who are having difficulty with: behavior at home or school, school attendance, relationships with family members and peers-personality problems, alcohol and drug use. SCP is held at Gettys through the Behavioral Health Services of Pickens County. Please see the website for more information.
  • ETS: This program offered at GMS hosted by Tri-County Technical College is intended to help students academically with the goal of completing secondary school and entering a post-secondary program. It provides academic assistance in Math and English while offering other activities throughout the year.
  • Mental Health Counseling: Mrs. Betsy Willi is our counselor who is on-site daily. Please contact your grade level counselor if you think your child would benefit from seeing Mrs. Willi. Please see the website for more information.
  • Gettys University: An afterschool program held daily and offered to advance the educational and personal growth of students through assistance with academics and personal development. Permission forms can be received from Ms. Harden.
  • RBHS Services: Your child may qualify for these counseling services based on certain criteria.

**Please contact your grade level counselor for more information about any of the programs listed above.

Follow this LINK for more information on the different career activities students will participate in as well as the 16 Career Clusters they are exposed to. Starting in the sixth grade, students create a portfolio through SCOIS.NET which is an excellent website for providing information on opportunities after high school. Parents and students can visit the site and log in with a generic username (gettys) and password (breakers). This allows access to very beneficial information regarding career opportunities, requirements for colleges, scholarships, financial aid, etc. Each student is also provided with an individual password in which they have can access their portfolios. Ask your son/daughter about their assessment results and check out the site for yourself! If you have any questions, contact your grade level counselor.

Need to enroll or withdraw your child?

Please visit the Policies and Procedures section on the sidebar under Guidance Department for more information.

Student Grading Scale

A 90-100
B 80-89
C 70-79
D 60-69
F 0-59

Additional assessment information provided by the School District of Pickens County can be found in the Curriculum and Instruction section of the student handbook.

State Testing Information

For information on SC Ready testing, please click HERE.
For information on SC PASS testing, please click HERE.
End of Course Testing
for enrolled 8th graders in high school credit courses takes place in May of each year is announced by the State Department of Education

South Carolina Curriculum Standards

The curriculum standards for teachers and students in South Carolina set guidelines for what is taught and what children at Gettys Middle should know by the end of each grade level. 

These standards are fully outlined on the S.C. State Department of Education's website.

Stop Bullying Now

Gettys Middle School has implemented the STOP BULLYING NOW PROGRAM. This program will help our staff/students/parents better understand the nature of bullying and its effects, how to respond to bullying, and how to work with others at school to help prevent bullying. Click HERE for more information. We also recommend parents to review these research-based TIP SHEETS of recommendations. Students should follow the following GUIDELINES FOR STUDENTS if they encounter this issue. Always know that communication with the student, family, guidance counselors, and administration is one of the most effective strategies. 

Policies and Procedures

Guidance and Learning Resources