Tryouts for 2015-2016 will be held May 4-8. Girls must have physical prior to participation with documentation on file with coach and athletic director. Girls will report to gym floor at 3:15 and classroom across from Mrs. Batson's room each day. Parent pick-up is in the lower football parking lot.

Coach Rutland can be reached at

Coach Dana Rutland

Schedule (all dates and times are mandatory)

Monday, May 4- Tryout Material Clinic @ GMS gym 4-6 pm

Tuesday, May 5- Material review 4-6 pm @GMS gym

Wednesday, May 6- Review- Mock tryouts 4-6 pm

Thursday, May 7- Tryouts in small group performance 4:30-??? with independent judging

Monday, May 11- 5:00-5:30 pm Results by letter in car loop. Please do not car pool so students can review the tryout results individually with their family.

Following our team announcements on May 11 we will schedule a parent meeting with our team families May 19 at 6 pm in the GMS auditorium.

What to Wear…

    • White T-shirt (Plain t-shirt or tank)
    • Green shorts (Shorts may only be "rolled down" once.)
    • White socks
    • Appropriate athletic shoes
    • Hair in a ponytail (Wear a white ribbon on final day.)
    • Name tag (This will be given when you arrive each day.)

      Other Suggestions
  • Always focus on the material being taught.
  • Smile, show spirit, and have fun!!!!
  • Do NOT play around with your friends.
    Show your strengths.
    Ask questions!!
  • Bring a water bottle with your name on it.
  • Bring a blank CD if you would like a copy of the music. 

    Cheerleading Tryout Rubric and Evaluations by Head Coach, Independent Judges, and School Administration

     Cheer (15 points)

    Dance (10 points)

    Tumbling (10 points)

    Jumps (5 points)

    School Recommendations (50 points) - academics (30); discipline referrals (10); & attendance (10)

    Tryout Character (10 points)

    Overall (10 points)

    Attitude (15 points)


Family members are not allows in the gym for cheerleader tryouts. We will dismiss the girls at the published times. All decisions by the coach, independent judges, and school administration are final. If you have any questions about the tryout result for your individual child, you can contact the school's administration and we will set up a conference with you in accordance with our district's athletic handbook.