Boys Basketball

GMS 2017-18 Basketball Schedule

11/27/2017 5:30pm Gettys Seneca Gettys
11/30/2017 5:30pm Gettys McCants Gettys
12/4/2017 5:30pm Gettys Pickens Gettys
12/6/2017 5:30pm Liberty Gettys Liberty
12/11/2017 5:30pm RC Edwards Gettys RC Edwards
12/14/2017 5:30pm BYE  
1/3/2018 5:30pm Gettys RA 7th Gettys
1/4/2018 5:30pm Gettys Glenview Gettys
1/8/2018 5:30pm BYE  
1/11/2018 5:30pm McCants Gettys McCants
1/16/2018 5:30pm Seneca Gettys Seneca
1/18/2018 5:30pm Gettys RC Edwards Gettys
1/22/2018 5:30pm Gettys RA 8th Gettys
1/25/2018 5:30pm RA 7th Gettys Robert Anderson
1/29/2018 5:30pm Glenview Gettys Glenview
2/1/2018 5:30pm RA 8th Gettys Robert Anderson


Girls games 5:30 PM with Boys to follow.